Students from Komarovi gained 3rd place in the competition of "Leonardo Da Vinci"!

Final round of "Leonardo Da Vinci" competition was held in the central exhibition office of TBC bank. First, Second and Third place winners were announced. This competition has taken place by the administration of Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Fund since 2010. 

Selected participants presented their innovations in front of the committee After which, the winners were announced and the prizes were given. 

Third place was held by the students of Komarovi for the creation of self-learning system used by micro controller. Alexandre Khokhiashvili (11th grade student of Komarovi), Dimitri Korkotashvili (10th grade student of Komarovi) and Tamar Korkotashvili (9th grade student of Komarovi) are the third place winners; they were rewarded by 2000 Gel. 

Participants were congratulated and awarded by the Minister of Georgian Education and Sciences Alexander Jejelava and by the Director of Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Fund Marine Chitaishvili.  

2016 scientific themes included: engineer mechanics; intellectual cards and robotics; physics and astronomy; environment-friendly engineering; earth and environment-friendly sciences, chemistry/biology/biomedical and health service sciences.