School  Mission

The school mission is to discover mathematical talents  throughout  Georgia and give the opportunity to receive a  high quality education; to help the students  get used to living  independently and  get work experience. The school introduces them  with the methods of scientific work, helps them to develop creative thinking, purposefulness,self-realization, To enhance motivation, to gain the skills of overcoming difficulties.

The school helps to develop approaches and methods of  exact and natural sciences.

Strategic application:

The best students, throughout  Georgia and Tbilisi live in the school. They all have  mathematical skills,liberal, democratic and  State values.

Our teachers particularly care for children, are oriented on their development and are continuously mastering modern teaching methods;

Our goal  is  to  increase the number of students applying for the best foreign institutions  on Bachelor’s and Master’s  Degree Programs as well as the share of pupils from regions  of the total contingent.

Our competitive advantage is strong and developed teaching and educative methods and high quality education.

We are known as an institution,where the students are raised as decent people, and each graduate is successful and distinguished person.

Priority Tasks:

  • Raising gifted  and  decent pupils, especially  from  regions.
  • Providing high-quality education.
  • Raising/caring for students in coordination with the family.
  • Helping them with professional orientation.
  • Developing school infrastructure and technologies.