Gold medal at “International Youth Naturalists Tournament”

IYNT (International Youth Naturalists Tournament) is an annual tournament for children under 16,which covers 4 scientific disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. This year the tournament was held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and 10 teams from 7 countries participated it. Georgia, Bulgaria, Belarus, China and Croatia were represented with one team, Serbia had two teams and Russian Federation was represented by three teams.

Georgian team was staffed with the students from three schools:

Nino Qimadze and Diana Sokhashvili- Komarovi public school.

Toma Rtveliashvili and Giga Khizanishvili – Ilia Vekua public school

Gvanca Tsutskhashvili and Mate Sharvadze- Andria Razmadze public school.

The team was trained by two trainers: Guram Mikaberidze- the student of Free University, and Nika Sabashvili-the student of Tbilisi State Medical University.

Our team arrived at the final beating the strongest opponents-all three Russian teams, Belarus and both our host country teams. At the tournament our team went through five strenuous tours and finally reached the final, where they had even harder opponents to beat, but the contest couldn’t reveal the winners and all three participants( Georgia, China and Croatia) were announced the first place winners.

As for the rules of the tournament, they are as followed: the contesters are sent the tasks beforehand, which include difficult scientific problems, the solution to them is hard to find, though the contesters are asked to process the problem clearly and rationally and study them from different angles.

Each tour is held among three teams, one team introduces its processed problem, the second team opposes the problem and the third team overviews their discussion. The Jury evaluates the skills of processing the problem rationally, also presentation and discussion skills, rates them and reveals the winner.

The tournament tour also takes into account that the Jury may also make a mistake, which is conditioned by subjective decisions. 2-point difference is considered as an error and if a team is losing less than 2 points, it is not considered a defeated team. Georgia lost only 0.1 points to Chinese team and beat the Croatian team by 1 point. So, respectively all three teams were declared winners and were given gold medals.